With over 30 years’ experience of working in the IT industry, I am in an ideal position to help you and your business to take full advantage of your current IT systems, develop new solutions for the future or to create a new website.

Bespoke Development

During my career as a software developer, I have experience of developing a huge range of bespoke applications. I can help your organisation to create an application tailored entirely to your individual requirements – whether this is on a large scale or simply adding some code to your existing Excel spreadsheets to automate your processes.

I have a reputation for building reliable and solid solutions. Indeed, some of my earliest developments are still going strong.

Website Development

Either from scratch or using a content management system like WordPress, I can help you create the website your company needs to promote your business. From simple brochure sites or online stores through to complete Secure Portals where your customers can log in to manage their accounts. I have experience in all aspects of website development and can help your company understand it’s aims and reach it’s full potential.

Technical Authoring

Every software solution needs a good set of documentation behind it. Frequently working as part of a small development team or in a software house, creation of the technical documentation is routinely part of my role. This includes Solution Architecture and Design, Testing Strategies, User Guides, Development Processes and even sales brochures. With a strong history in software development and a good understanding of a broad range of technologies across the industry, I am in a good position to come into your company, understand your applications and platforms and create your professional technical documentation.

IT Consultancy

If you simply need some independent advice, then I am more than happy to provide you with a broad range of IT consultancy – either in a one-off visit or over a sustained period as I help you deliver your project to fruition.


One of the key advantages of dealing with a small business is that I can be responsive to your needs in a way that large corporates just are not able to. When you request an update or new feature, I’ll ensure it’s delivered in a timely fashion – not stuck in a queue waiting for scheduling.

Furthermore, I deal personally with all interactions with my customers from the very first meeting to the final delivery. When you have a query or a problem, you will speak to me – not someone on a helpdesk or an anonymous online form.